Linnita Hosten

Author & Speaker

Linnita inspires students

to live life from the DRIVER SEAT

by teaching the art of decision making.

About Linnita

The award-winning keynote speaker and college success enthusiast is the author of The College Strategy.

Linnita’s work with students began as a recreation summer camp counselor and expanded through numerous roles to include a cheerleading coach, private tutor, resident assistance, orientation team leader, college advisor and college professor.


Linnita’s Programs

The Driver's Test

The success of your first-year Driver’s Test is determined by one factor, who occupies your passenger seat.

Learn how to harness courageous and complimenting relationships that help you aim and score high your first year.

Developing Teams from the Passenger Seat

Your peers have elected you into a leadership role! You are now in the driver’s seat & responsible for driving your organization forward, or are you?

Who really propels an organization’s success?

Learn to navigate your team from the passenger seat, harnessing your strengths, teaching from your failures and leveraging your organizational knowledge.

Drive Like a Girl

The misconception is that women are irrational, emotional and indecisive. But when positioned in the driver seat, women can disrupt “social norms,” defy barriers and pave a new lane for other women to drive their own vehicle – objectively, confidently & relentlessly.

But what prevents them from doing so?

Learn how decision making impacts women from driving defensively and undistracted.


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What she shared was so priceless to our students. Linnita came forth with a delivery with such boldness and yet she was young!


Potomac Job Corps

Not only was she articulate, prepared and polished, her remarks brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the event throughout the evening

Director of Institutional Advancement Communication

University of Maryland, University College