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I’m in College! Now What?


Goal: To teach students how to generate the best ROI of their college experience

Ideal Audience: First & second year college students

For college students, the best return of their college investment is being qualified and offered a competitive salary in their field of study. In this keynote Linnita shares her secret to landing a job within her major right out of college and doubling her salary within her first 4 years of working full-time. If you desire your students to be empowered to maximize their college experience, this talk is for your group.

Students walk away with:

Empowerment to take advantage of on-campus student leadership opportunities

Direction on who and how to ask for work experience (Internships, seasonal employment opportunities, etc.)

Practical ways to engage in career exploration and community volunteerism

Strategies to build prospective employment relationships that can later yield job opportunities


Goal: To equip young professionals with practical tips to remain reputable and relevant in the marketplace.

This keynote reveals 10 behaviors emerging and young professionals must possess to remain reputable and relevant in the marketplace. If you are looking to generate workplace or entrepreneurial enthusiasm, this talk is for your group.

Ideal Audience: Young professionals ages 18-25

Audience walks away with:

10 Practical ways to position themselves as competitive hires in the marketplace

Key qualities to support a progressive career

Knowledge of existing resources to support career success

Three connections in the workplace to ensure career success

Empowerment to incorporate transferable life skills to create a career they love

The 10 Commandments of a Young Professional


STAGEPOWER for Leaders


Goal: To equip leaders with magnetizing, memorable and effective presentation skills

Ideal Audience: Young adults ages 18-25

Imagine standing before hundreds and articulately sharing your message seemingly effortlessly; appearing to have not one nervous bone in sight? To add to your energy –you are engaging, content-packed, humorous AND your message is magnetizing. This is what Linnita calls STAGE POWER- the act of and/or ability to authentically capture the interest of an audience. If you are looking for a creative and engaging workshop to teach presentation skills for leaders, this workshop is for your group.

Audience walks away with:

Ten elements of STAGE POWER

How to conquer stage frieght

Creative strategies to win any audience

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