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Name your price and hire Linnita to host your next event. No matter the age, gender, theme or purpose: Linnita is sure to bring high energy and creative audience engagement

What event planners are saying about Linnita

“She was amazing! Linnita was not only professional, but she was engaging with
the audience. She was open in sharing some of her experiences in relating
them to the event. I would absolutely want to have her host or be part of future events.”

NJS Consulting

“Linnita exceeded my expectations- needing almost no guidance. She memorized her remarks, mingled with the crowd and made the audience feel engaged during the program. I look forward to working with her again soon. I highly recommend her for speaking engagements.”

Director of Institutional Advancement Engagement Services, University of Maryland University College

“Not only was she articulate, prepared and polished, her remarks brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the event throughout the evening.”

Director of Institutional Advancement Communication, University of Maryland University College

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Travel cost from Maryland
Length of the program
Type of remarks needed (scripted or improv)
Required rehearsals

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