Women’s Empowerment


Goal: To equip young adults with practical strategies to regain their momentum after experiencing “life.”

Ideal Audience: Young adults ages 18-25

In this message, Linnita transparently shares how she recovered from concealed depression caused by thousands of dollars of debt, a broken heart and a failed plan! Mindset management, self-accountability and a clear vision yielded Linnita’s incredible 6-month comeback with a published book, several new partnerships and an invaluable life lesson to never let “life” stop her from living. If you are looking for a talk that encourages your audience to be resilient and equips them with practical ways to regain confidence & courage to keep going, this talk is for your group.

Audience walks away with:

Three keys to restoring the desire to achieve

How to take inventory & “restock” of their potential

How to master mindset management

Three reasons why quitting is never an option

The “Comeback” Keys
Dream It! Plan It! Go Get It!


Goal: To empower young adults with strategies to set and achieve any goal

Ideal Audience: Young adults ages 18-25

In this workshop Linnita transparently shares two of the biggest obstacles she overcame in her early adult life. Her secret? Paper, pen, and the power of mindset management to write the plan, work the plan, revise the plan, and repeat! If you are looking for a workshop that will ignite goal setting and teach students to push through their obstacles, hurdles or dry seasons, this teaching is for your group.

Audience walks away with:

How to structure an achievable plan and position your mind to stick to the plan

An understanding of personal achievement and what drives a person to achieve their goals

Three types of people you need to support you in bringing your plan to life

Three reasons why quitting is not an option

NJS Consults CEO, Nakia Walters
“Linnita was not only professional, but she was engaging with the audience.  She was open in sharing some of her experiences in relating them to the event.  I would absolutely want to have her host or be part of future events.”
Washington Redskins Cheerleader
Linnita gave a motivational speech to all the women who were thinking about auditioning to become a Washington Redskins Cheerleader. During her speech, I began to feel so empowered! Her words inspired us and encouraged us to be proud of our accomplishments.
Conference attendee
“Linnita is a phenomenal speaker! She lifted my spirits to where not only could I accomplish any goal as a dancer, but also in life.”

Kaitlin M. O’Connor, CMP

 Director of Institutional Advancement Engagement Services, UMUC

“Linnita exceeded my expectations. she needed almost no guidance- she was a consummate professional. She memorized her remarks, mingled with the crowd and made the audience feel engaged during the program. I look forward to working with her again soon. I highly recommend her for future speaking engagements. ”

Jennifer Tomasovic

Director of Institutional Advancement Communication, UMUC

“Not only was she articulate, prepared and polished, her remarks brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the event throughout the evening.”

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