Why others have chosen to work with Linnita

Linnita spoke at Trinity Washington University for a group of diverse students in age, gender and race. This group consisted of undergraduates, graduate students, alumni and faculty. Linnita gave timely advice on navigating careers, balancing life responsibilities, and overcoming obstacles. Linnita was dynamic, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven speaker. Her very presence in the room made you feel excited and determined to listen to what she had to say. She was also a wealth of resources with valuable ideas that can be implemented immediately. As the professor who asked Linnita to speak I can tell you even weeks afterwards students are still emailing me about what they learned from Linnita!

College of Business Faculty

Trinity College

Each year, I attempt to identify a crowd-pleasing emcee for this event. This person has to be someone who can deliver important remarks, keep the crowd energized and stay flexible throughout the event for last minute twists and turns- Linnita exceeded my expectations- needing almost no guidance. She memorized her remarks, mingled with the crowd and made the audience feel engaged during the program. I look forward to working with her again soon. I highly recommend her for speaking engagements. Director of Institutional Advancement Engagement Services

University of Maryland-University College

Linnita’s presentation helped me open my eyes to all the opportunites available on my campus.

Virginia State University


The presentation was amazing. I was really impressed. I personally had no idea how college was going to be for me. I am shy and undecided but after the presentation, i felt confident and determined to make my college expereince the best it can be

Farmingdale State College

Incoming Freshman

What she shared was so priceless to our students. Linnita came forth with a delivery with such boldness and yet she was young!


Potomac Job Corps

Not only was she articulate, prepared and polished, her remarks brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the event throughout the evening. Director of Institutional Advancement Communication

University of Maryland-University College

This presentation was invaluable in helping me to realize the importance of my core values, and how to better communicate as a leader. I learned that I need to make my leadership quantifiable. I loved the passion and the enthusiasm. I know I can take the knowledge learned back to my community to be a better service leader

Student Leader

Santa Monica College

I loved the confirmation of how important engagement is to self and a career path. Sometimes being a student and working, you feel maybe one should opt out of clubs. This presentation confirmed how important they are. Program Coordinator

Farmingdale State College

She did a great job of motivating the students to think outside of the proverbial box and explore the outer reaches of their academic and professional goals.

Program Manager

For the Love of Children

Linnita Hosten is a dynamic and engaging speaker who inspires her audience to grow to their full potential. Ms. Hosten’s passionate and enthusiastic message resonated with our High Bridge Foundation Scholars and our diverse group of guests and supporters. High Bridge Foundation

She was amazing!  Linnita was not only professional, but she was engaging with the audience.  She was open in sharing some of her experiences in relating them to the event.  I would absolutely want to have her host or be part of future events.


NJS Consulting

INCREDIBLE SPEAKER! I Learned everything I needed to get the most out of my college experience. Attendee

Atlanta Glow Conference

Linnita creates a stimulating learning environment. She is relatable, engaging and straight-forward.


Suitland High School

No need to try to pump up your audience before she arrives, she will do it for you. She brings the fun and energy with her. Felicia Fort

Ceo & Founder, One Step Closer

Linnita is an amazing motivational speaker. As a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I recently had the task of finding a motivational speaker for our teams last audition prep-class series. Success throughout the audition process is more than just about your physical abilities, but more about your ability to conquer the challenge mentally! After reaching out to several professional and college friends, I was given Linnita’s business card. My friend raved about her poise and ability to captivate her audience. From the moment of our first phone conversation, I knew that I was making an exceptional decision. She was just as enthusiastic about learning more about the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders organization, the audition process, and culture as she was about sharing her skill set.

On the day of the event, she was professional, personable, and most importantly motivating. In a room full of woman who were about to embark upon the journey towards the dream of becoming a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, she easily grabbed our attention. She honed into several tips, which would mentally prepare us to show our own unique value and our best selves to the judges. Most importantly, she valued and demonstrated an understanding of the goal at hand. Ultimately, the women that shared in the experience echoed Linnita’s energy and words throughout our week long audition process. I would certainly recommend her services for public and motivational speaking. Javai

Cheerleader, Washington Redskins

A small gem. It’s clear, concise and filled with rich, timely nuggets. And, it’s sprinkled with great lessons from her own personal experience to help each student who reads it do just what the book’s subtitle declares: create workplace value while on campus. I also love how she calls attention to “ambitious students,” which not only speaks to students who already feel empowered to maximize their college experience, but most importantly it speaks to those who can see this as a personal challenge to roll up their sleeves and get busy advocating for themselves. She skillfully nudges students to approach college differently; not simply push cruise control after being accepted, but intentionally create a strategy that will work for and with them throughout their college journey. Students: Read it. Apply it. Experience the results. Robbi Crawford

So I must say that I am so sad that I didn’t have this book when I was in undergrad lol. When I say I know this material would’ve prepared me more for life after college I mean it. Unfortunately, students do not learn how to maximize their college experience. They are not taught how to network and maintain relationships. Gosh I wish I would’ve known then what I know now! Shanetta Ford