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Hire Linnita to Coach Your Teen/Teen Group

16-Week Post-High School Graduation Plan


  • Struggle with communicating their interests or aspirations?


  • Excel in school but lack self-motivation and determination?


  • Experience periods of uncertainty about their journey after high school?


  • Struggle with developing the necessary skills to execute their post-graduation dreams and goals?


If any of these scenarios remind you of your child, The E-Academy for Teens will help them build their confidence, develop organizational skills, and create a realistic roadmap to achieve their future career goals.

Program Overview

With the support of the E-Academy, your child will be empowered to:


  • Understand and apply the use of affirmations and visualization to their big bold dreams

  • Manage their emotional wellness using their E-Academy Student Wellness Kit

  • Utilize a digital or wall calendar to maintain the organization of academic, social, and personal responsibilities 

  • Confidently research, identify, and articulate their DREAM career 

  • Implement actionable steps to develop the skills required for their future career aspirations

  • Develop career-oriented relationship-building skills based on networking and shared goals

  • Establish a realistic and executable 4-year plan to support the pursuit of their DREAM career after high school

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What Students Will Learn

Week 1: The Starting Line


 The Starting Line conducts a pre-assessment of your child’s self-awareness, confidence, and interests. In this session, your child will identify the behaviors and attitudes that hinder and support their success.


Week 2: The Power of Affirmations


The Power of Affirmations teaches your child the science of affirmations and how to respond to self-sabotaging thoughts and self-advocate for positive thinking. This session allows your child to connect the visualization of their DREAM with descriptive and intentional words.


Week 3: Identifying Career Intersections 


 Identifying Career Intersections challenges your child to transcend their thinking to identify tangible career opportunities by considering overlooked paths to success. Exploring and leveraging their natural talents, innovative skills, and unique abilities will motivate your child to holistically assess their DREAM career options.


Week 4: Managing Time with Modern Day Tools 


Managing Time with Modern Day Tools introduces your child to the use of mobile apps and traditional everyday tools to map out commitments and plan how to manage multiple responsibilities.


Week 5: Putting on Your Research Hat


Putting on Your Research Hat reinforces the value of conducting industry-specific research to investigate the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to enter and excel in your child’s DREAM career. Your child will assess their current qualifications, establish meaningful career goals, and create an executable plan to begin their DREAM career.


Week 6: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety with Self-Care


Overcoming Stress and Anxiety with Self-Care educates your child on how stress shows up in the body, common triggers of stress, the effects of stress, and how to utilize sensory and their E-Academy Student Wellness Kit to respond to everyday life stressors. 


Week 7: Building Your Support Tribe


Building your support tribe encourages your child to build and foster supportive networks OUTSIDE the home. Learning to successfully grow and maintain a tribe that proactively advocates for them, campaigns for their success, and seek opportunities on their behalf is critical in being recruited and selected for future opportunities for success in their DREAM career. 


Week 8 STUDY HALL: Strengthening Home Communication 


Students and parents participate in a blended session to break down the barriers to fluid home communication. Using group activities, communal dialogue, and interactive games, families support one another in developing stronger parent-child relationships.


Week 9: Setting and Achieving Big Bold Goals


Setting and Achieving Big Bold Goals teaches your child how to segment large lofty goals into small actionable steps as they prepare to put together a 4-year implementable plan leveraging their career research, skills assessment, and dream career end goal.


Week 10: The Power of Visualization and Planning


 The Power of Visualization and Planning empowers your child to apply intentional imagery to their DREAM. Using digital tools, your child will create and present a dream career board using their industry research and personal/professional big bold goal(s). This session allows your student to practice oral and visual visualization. 


Week 11: STUDY HALL: Having Difficult Conversations 


Students and parents participate in a blended session to learn the “three conversations” that are present in every difficult conversation in order to practice and implement active listening to support the development of stronger parent-child communication.


Week 12: Putting Together a Plan: Career Mapping (Parents Invited) 


Cross the Finish Line provides your child with an implementable 4-year, step-by-step college plan. 


In addition to reaffirming the insights covered in modules 1-4, this module: 

  1. Provides insight into exploring relationship-building resources

  2. Familiarizes your child with identifying opportunities specific to their DREAM career 

  3. Expands your child’s ability to network, leading to leadership roles in their preferred career

  4. Guides your child in developing an implementable exit strategy, preparing them for college graduation


Week 13: Polishing Up My Resume 


Polishing Up My Resume teaches your child that before they are invited in for an interview, they are evaluated. A single sheet of paper communicates their value, ability, potential, and character. In this session, your child will learn how to polish and present a credible and competent resume using community service, extracurricular activities, and various leadership experience. 


Week 14: Packaging and Presenting a Powerful Portfolio (Part 1)


Packaging and Presenting a Powerful Portfolio (Part 1) teaches your child how to leave a memorable impression during an interview with a prospective employer. In this session, your child will learn how to select, request, and complete the most valuable components to a professional portfolio 


Week 15: Packaging and Presenting a Powerful Candidacy 


 Packaging and Presenting a Powerful Candidacy educates your student on how to successfully prepare and conduct a basic interview with prospective community service groups, leadership opportunities, and employers. Using their skills assessment, professional portfolio components, and career clarity, your student will develop comfort in participating in any interview process.


Week 16: Closing Session 

Closing session provides a comprehensive review of the 16-week learning material. 


Completing the E-Academy ensures your child is prepared to enter college, develop and execute an actionable plan for success, and strategically pursue their DREAM career. 

Parent Testimonial

Included in E-ACADEMY

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  • (3) parent sessions to nurture home communication and foster parent-child relationship building

  • (1) 1-on-1 student coaching session call with Linnita

  • (15) group coaching calls with a community of students mastering their 4-year plan

  • Weekly personal development exercises

  • Biweekly personalized momentum messages to maintain engagement, interaction, and motivation to succeed

  • Monthly masterclasses with high-achieving career professionals across industries

  • Thought-provoking worksheets, tools, and templates

  • Custom pre-college career plan 

  • E-Academy Welcome Box with course materials and a Student Wellness Kit

  • Referral list of vetted program partners to support college planning, academic success, and wealth building for teens

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