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If you’re feeling unmotivated, a little stuck getting to that big goal this year, or simply just in need of a little push, I'm inviting you to a mental reset.

Here’s what you can expect during this
4-day nightly challenge! 

Expect to: 


  • Recalibrate and restructure how you view and use time together and apart from those you love and lead

  • Reflect and refuel your appetite for forward movement and progression, starting with your mind

  • Establish relationship boundaries needed to support your highest goals and desires 

  • Visit your love language and it’s role in how you communicate with those in your village

Our time together an opportunity to check your temperature with self and your temperature with your village.

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Meet the Challenge Host

L Hosten 2022 Headshot.JPG

Linnita Hosten 

Award-winning author, national speaker, and student success strategist --- Linnita Hosten empowers high school students to stand on their own two-feet after graduation.


As a respected education-planning professional, Linnita leverages her proven and results-driven strategies to facilitate evidence-based programming to organizations, universities, and community groups, helping their students achieve their educational goals.


Linnita has been honored with various awards including: Excellence in Education, Youth Speaker of the Year, 40 under 40 in Education, Education Book of the Year, and University of Maryland Global Campus Alumni of the Year.


Linnita is passionate about preparing ambitious students to get clear on their plan and confident about pursuing their DREAM career. 

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