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The Pursuit of Black Excellence for Teens

By Linnita Hosten

A three-part collection of self-excellence, community excellence, and life excellence that empowers your student/child to learn about themselves through journal prompts, quizzes, short activities, and more - in a workbook that feels less like work and more like free time well spent.

This tool is a great head-start to continue building and exploring self-esteem, valuable relationships, community involvement, career exploration, and global connectivity.


The College Strategy Book 

The College Strategy equips students to develop a career success plan while on their college campus.

The book teaches students how to:

• Create, utilize & nurture valuable connections

• Seek, establish & manage leadership roles

• Pursue, prepare & procure workplace opportunities.

The College Strategy makes a connection between degree attainment & career preparedness— a conversation that can impact underemployment, career fulfillment & financial alignment for new graduates. 

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