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Build the Confidence to Use

Your Voice in Any Room

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This full-day intensive is for you if you:

  • Own or operate a small business and experience anxiousness when called on to speak in large group settings

  • Have a desire to improve your stage presence

  • Want to improve pronunciation, breathing, and use of filler words

  • Want to learn how to craft brief speeches

  • Have little or no prior knowledge of public speaking

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Meet Your Host
Linnita Hosten

I spent 6 years fighting insecurities about how I conveyed my thoughts, the tone of my voice, and how I was perceived. One day I decided that I was no longer going to shrink behind what I had the power to change. I begin to get intentional about using my voice and how I communicated with others.


Today I speak in front of thousands of people each year - proudly with very little nervousness and an act of bold courage that still surprises me.


In 2020, I founded Excellence Brainery, a soft skills training and development firm that partners with family service agencies and family-related organizations to teach families to thrive in the areas of communication, problem-solving, and time management.


I have been honored with various awards including Excellence in Education; Youth Speaker of the Year; 40 under 40 in Education; Education Book of the Year; Alumni of the Year; Leading Women of the Year; and Dominating Entrepreneur of the Year.


As an award-winning author, national edutainer, and philanthropist, I am passionate about creating meaningful connections between the home environment and the development of effective life skills for teens and young adults.


Let me help you discover your voice, build your confidence and enhance your speaking ability. 

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