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This full-day intensive is for you if you:

  • Experience anxiousness when called on to speak in group settings

  • Have difficulty expressing yourself to those you do not know

  • Have low confidence in your ability to communicate concisely 

  • Feel that others don’t listen when you speak

  • Desire to improve your verbal communication skills

  • Have an invested interest in personal growth and self-improvement

  • Have little or no prior knowledge of public speaking

Taking Notes
Meeting Room

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies to alleviate nervousness and build the confidence to present your thoughts and ideas with ease

  • How to express yourself more effectively and deliver meaningful messages that leave a memorable impression

  • The power of nonverbal communication and how to use it effectively in conjunction with verbal communication 

  • Techniques for effective speech organization, structuring your thoughts, and delivering brief messages/remarks


What’s Included in Your Investment

5 hour activity-based masterclass

Stage Power Intensive Workbook

Light refreshments

Intensive Agenda

Lunch on Your Own (VIP guests have private lunch sessions)
Addressing My Fears/Discomfort About Speaking

Fear of speaking can limit your opportunities for personal and professional growth. As you confront and conquer your discomfort, you'll gain a sense of accomplishment and give yourself permission to build stronger connections, broader networks, and more fulfilling social life.

Improving My Articulation & Pronunciation 

Articulation plays a significant role in interviews, presentations, meetings, and day-to-day interactions. Being able to express your thoughts and arguments clearly boosts your confidence, improves your credibility, and can contribute to career advancement.  Learn how to enhance your speech clarity through one-on-one and group activities 

Using My Body to Support What I’m Communicating

Body language conveys more meaning than words alone. It can foster trust, make others feel heard and understood, and strengthen relationships in personal, social, and professional settings. Learn the subtle cues and signals that your body sends to those you are communicating with. Self-study the movement of your body and other SPI participants.

Projecting Confidence When Speaking

Having the ability to speak confidently enables you to clearly express yourself, assert your needs, and engage in meaningful conversations that foster stronger relationships and greater personal development. Learn practical ways to project confidence and authority through the use of your tone, and body. 

Conference Room

What to Expect

  • This is an intimate learning environment intentionally curated to empower your voice and develop your confidence muscle to speak in front of others.

  • This group learning environment welcomes your comfortable dress (flats encouraged) and ready-to-learn attitude.

  • We will remain in conference-style seating with segmented practice areas equipped with tripod stations. So come camera ready! 

  • Light refreshments will be provided for the duration of the day. Lunch is on your own. 

Meet Your Host
Linnita Hosten

I spent 6 years fighting insecurities about how I conveyed my thoughts, the tone of my voice, and how I was perceived. One day I decided that I was no longer going to shrink behind what I had the power to change. I begin to get intentional about using my voice and how I communicated with others.


Today I speak in front of thousands of people each year - proudly with very little nervousness and an act of bold courage that still surprises me.


In 2020, I founded Excellence Brainery, a soft skills training and development firm that partners with family service agencies and family-related organizations to teach families to thrive in the areas of communication, problem-solving, and time management.


I have been honored with various awards including Excellence in Education; Youth Speaker of the Year; 40 under 40 in Education; Education Book of the Year; Alumni of the Year; Leading Women of the Year; and Dominating Entrepreneur of the Year.


As an award-winning author, national edutainer, and philanthropist, I am passionate about creating meaningful connections between the home environment and the development of effective life skills for teens and young adults.


Let me help you discover your voice, build your confidence and enhance your speaking ability. 

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